Yachting Law comprises all of the rules that govern leisure boating, either for fun, sports or any activities related to it.

In this field, Laurianne RIBES, Attorney at the Bar of Marseille, with 10 years of sound experience in Maritime Law, provides legal advice related to the sale, the purchase or the rental of yachting boats (yacht, sail boats); collective ownership (joint ownership companies); administrative procedures of francization or for the choice of a flag (customs, maritime issues).

Contracts, purchase/sales or rental agreements are drafted with particular care whether in French or in English.

Ms. Ribes will assist you with any claims arising from selling, renting or chartering and with any proceedings against insurance companies (refusal of coverage due to a damage), against other yachters (boarding), tugging companies (nature of the tugging or assistance contract) or against shipyards (defects, hidden defects).

The practice is experienced in the sale of yachting boats (yacht, sail boats) as well as fishing boats, and in the drafting of international chartering contracts.

The practice intervenes in Marseille, as well as on the French Riviera, particularly in St. Tropez and Cannes.

Ms. Laurianne RIBES is a member of the Légi-Plaisance Association.


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