Maritime law attorney Marseille

Laurianne RIBES, Esq., Attorney at the bar of Marseille, has been practicing for 10 years in Maritime and Transportation Law. She intervened in local jurisdictions and all over France defending ship owners, charter companies, insurers in claims related to the transportation of goods, naval repairs or ship arrests among other things.

The practice of Maritime and Transportation Law requires the intervention of specialized Attorneys because of its specificities that call for a high reactivity (particularly when it comes to ship arrests), a sound knowledge of the procedures (very short prescriptions when dealing with damaged goods and demurrage) and specific liability mechanisms.

The RIBES practice frequently intervenes in these fields before the Chamber of Transports of the Commercial Court of Marseille, the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence and all over France.

Ms. RIBES is a member of the Association Française pour le Droit Maritime (AFDM).


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